Pick up your Lamborghini!

Throughout New Year holidays our innovative cryptosystem ETH777 is launching unprecedented campaign «Winter mind-blow» with many gifts!

Attention please!!! Gifts will be given only to investors of our innovative cryptosystem ETH777 only this Winter and only 3 times!!! Three times — before the start of our ICO on March 18, 2019!

Only during «Winter mind-blow», every month we give 4 prizes! Overall amount of amazing prizes is 12!

Don’t miss your chance! Each* investor will get his gift in addition to dividends and tokens. New Year is coming, make a step to your super-gift now!

I'm ready!

Each* investor of our innovative cryptosystem ETH777 will get one of the following prizes:

  • brand-new smartphone iPhone XS Max iphone
  • the most powerful notebook of last generation Macbook Pro 15" mac
  • mind-blowing gaming PC DigitalStorm Ultimate on the basis of the latest processor Intel Core i9-9980XE and the most powerful graphic card GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB comp
  • Brand-new SUV from the world’s leader of automobile industry BMW X6 xDrive30d M Sport bmw
  • the fastest four-wheel-drive sport-car in the World Lamborghini Aventador COUPÉ with 770-strong 12 cylinder petrol engine lamba

Requirements to participate in our campaign are simple and approachable for every investor!

To get your super-prize, you have to invest more than 10ETH and the prize is almost yours!

  • The investor who contribute in an innovative cryptosystem ETH777 from 10 to 50 ETH will get iPhone XS Max!**
  • Contribution from 50 to 100 ETH gives you chance to get Macbook Pro 15"!**
  • If you invest in our cryptosystem ETH777 from 100 to 500 ETH you’ll get a gaming PC DigitalStorm Ultimate!**
  • Investment in our cryptosystem ETH777 more than 1000ETH provides an opportunity to get SUV BMW X6!**
  • Invest in our cryptosystem ETH777 5000 ETH and more and pick up your sport-car Lamborghini Aventador COUPÉ** — it’s waiting for you!

Investors who contribute 5 ETH will get their prizes too!

New Year gift for each investor!


* to become a participant you have to invest in an innovative cryptosystem ETH777 10 ETH and more;

** if there will be number of investors in one nomination for prize it will go to the one who’s contribution was higher***;

*** if the number of investors made equal contributions in one nomination so the winner will be chosen randomly.

Hurry up to get your gift! The first gifts will be given soon! The campaign starts on December 30, 2018.

Make a New Year gift for yourself! Participate now and become rich with the help of our crypto technologies of the future!


About the Project

An innovative technology of smart contract on the revolutionary Blockchain Ethereum platform opened the most perspective and profitable investment opportunities to maintain and raise your own capital without interference of a third party.

Our innovative financial investment distribution model of smart contract is uploaded to Blockchain Ethereum and will work forever providing you opportunity to pass on your contribution or give as present.

No one and nothing can affect the eternal autonomous system work of our smart contract.

18 March 2019 ICO starts a Single cryptosystem future ETH777.

Tokens of the unified cryptosystem of the future will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Token holders will be able to receive up to 10,000% of profits.

The capitalization of the cryptosystem by June 1, 2019 will be from 50000ETH to 1000000ETH due to the use of ETH777 in games and applications.

Each investor ETH777 get so many tokens, how much will be its contribution, together with accrued interest for the time of the contribution, independence does investor interest. The sooner you invest, the more tokens you will receive from the unified cryptosystem of the future ETH777.

Contribute ETH

the fund state

Current fund account balance

a lot of

Check your dividends

Contribution to the project

Contribution allocation scheme
technical support

All you have to do to make a contribution is send at least ETH 0.01 from your personal ETH wallet* to the project's smart contract address. The system will memorize the address of the wallet used to make the contribution and begin making automatic payments in ETH every 24 hours, as long as there are enough funds. The payment rate is 5%—12% of all the contributions made by each user.

Join our referral program and get your additional 7%—10%!

* It is not allowed to transfer from exchanges, only from your personal ETH wallet, for which you have private keys.

How to make a contribution to the project


Register and top up an ETH wallet

For mobile devices we recommend Trust Wallet.

You can also use other wallets, such as MyEtherWallet.

You can purchase the ETH Cryptocurrency at bestchange.com, http://Litebit.eu, http://Crypto.com, localbitcoins.com, localbitcoins.net.


To put ETH under the 5%—12% per day

Send any amount starting from 0.01 ETH to our smart contract address.


You must have 0.002 ETH on your wallet to pay transaction fee. Recommended gas limit: 300000. You can check an actual gas price on MyEtherWallet.com.

* It’s not allowed to transfer from exchanges, only from your personal ETH wallet for which you have private keys.


Verify and track the transaction

Verify your transaction in the history of your application or on etherscan.io, specifying the address of your wallet.


Receive your payments at any time convenient for you!

An actual dividends payment is calculated according to the current interest rate:

  • 5% from 0 to 500 ETH overall balance of the smart contract
  • 6% from 500 to 1500 ETH overall balance of the smart contract
  • 7% from 1500 to 5000 ETH overall balance of the smart contract
  • 8% from 5000 to 10000 ETH overall balance of the smart contract
  • 9% from 10000 to 20000 ETH overall balance of the smart contract
  • 10% from 20000 to 30000 ETH overall balance of the smart contract
  • 11% from 30000 to 50000 ETH overall balance of the smart contract
  • 12% from 50000 ETH and more overall balance of the smart contract

You can get a payment at any time. Just send 0 ETH on the smart contract address. Recommended gas limit: 300000. You can check an actual gas price on MyEtherWallet.com To check payments go to etherscan.io in the “Internal Txns” tab on your wallet.

If you didn’t withdraw accumulated interest, the new ETH contribution will be added to previous accumulated interest and send to the smart contract.


How SAFE is it?

The smart contract algorithm on which the project is based is uploaded to the blockchain Ethereum with the OWNERSHIP WAIVER function. This means that nobody — including the organizers — can access it to tamper with its independent functioning.

Why OUR project?

We have analyzed ALL the current, pre-existing and announced similar projects with their advantages and vulnerabilities. Using this information, we have optimized and SECURED financial model, establishing the distribution of:

  • 85% — payment to depositors of
  • 9.5% — advertising budget
  • 5.5% — technical support

Most importantly, OUR smart contract was awarded to FULL automation and has been tested for vulnerability.

How much in percents will I get from my contribution?

In our innovative project the rate is variable and depends on status of the fund:

  • From 0 to 500 ETH — interest rate is 5%
  • From 500 to 1,500 ETH — interest rate is 6%
  • From 1,500 to 5,000 ETH — interest rate is 7%
  • From 5,000 to 10,000 ETH — interest rate is 8%
  • From 10,000 to 20,000 ETH — interest rate is 9%
  • From 20,000 to 30,000 ETH — interest rate is 10%
  • From 30,000 to 50000 ETH — interest rate is 11%
  • From 50,000 ETH — interest rate is 12%

The income from accrued interest will take place every 24 hours in equal parts. In case you didn’t withdraw accumulated interest, the new ETH contribution will be added to previous accumulated interest and send to the smart contract.

What will happen to the project if the website stops working?

The website is for informative reasons. If it stops working for any reason it won’t affect the DAILY interest accrual (which happens every 24 hours) and accepting deposits.

What will happen to the project if its ORGANIZERS disappear?

The project is INITIALLY completely self-contained and lives on the network, the developers will not be able to affect it.

Is there any referral rewards system?

An innovative referral program provides you an opportunity to get an additional 10%. To participate in our referral program you need to:

When the referral is contributing ETH he has to specify ETH wallet address of the referrer in DATA field. The referrer will get from 7% to 10% depending on the amount of the first contribution of the referral (7% for less than 10 ETH , 10% for more than 10 ETH).

The referral will get 5% from the contribution amount.

The referral payments will be automatically added to your deposit and send in one transaction with your daily payments at your request.

Have more questions?